10 Survival Tips for Camping in the Rain

10 Survival Tips for Camping in the Rain

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10 Survival Tips for Camping in the Rain

Camping is one of the most desired forms of adventure. It is also a way to identify one’s ability to manage situations with a lack of resources. A camping experience can take a great shift from the best to the worst due to many reasons. One of those is rainfall. No matter how much one prepares for the perfect camping trip, uncertainty always exists. A look at the forecast is must before planning a camping trip, but forecasts do lie sometimes. So, to avoid ruining your trip, you need to invest on durable and quality products that are effective in dealing with rain. With proper precautionary measures camping, even in the rain, can turn to be an enjoyable experience.

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”

  1. Get your hands on a waterproof tent

The most important survival tip for camping in the rain a good quality waterproof tent that will save you from the torrential rains experienced all of a sudden during your trip. Once you buy the tent, read through the instructions carefully and prepare your tent. Learn about the seam sealers as you definitely don’t want water to come in through the seams. Different companies have different seam sealers, for example, some seam sealers need to be dried before applying to the campground. Be Careful with the instructions.

  1. Proper setting of tent is of vital importance

You may have sealed the seams properly, but you need to look at other factors to keep the rain from entering your tent. The door of the tent should be above the ground level so that the rain does not seep inside. Moreover, fix your tent in a way that fabric is tight otherwise loose fabric will cause the water to loop in it and damage your tent.

  1. Select the land to pitch your tent

Selection of a proper land is really important if you want to stay dry all through the rainy day. The best place to pitch your tent is at a higher spot because when it rains, the lower spots tend to fill up earlier as compared to the higher ones.

  1. Cover the tent with a tarp from bottom and top

Covering the bottom of the tent with a tarp will shield the rainwater from building up under the tent. Also, having one over the tent will give additional safety from an unpredicted rainstorm.

  1. Store your kindling in a dry place

The fun part of camping is the campfire. Therefore, you don’t want to get your match sticks and twigs wet in the rain. The best strategy is to keep your matchsticks and kindling in your car, or you can wrap them in some large plastic bags so that they remain dry and once rain is over you can enjoy the campfire while it is still cold.

  1. Use an absorbent doormat

Another incredible approach to keep water out of the tent is to use an absorbent door mat. Use of a doormat will not only keep the opening of the tent covered but also absorb the rain water and keep your interior dry.

  1. Prepare important camping tools

Always keep yourself equipped with necessary camping tools so that if you encounter an unexpected rain, then you have a way to deal with it. For example, keep lots of newspaper and plastic bags to wrap up all your precious belongings and save them from getting wet in rain storm.

  1. Keep yourself warm

When camping out of town, you are not sure about the weather conditions. The weather can turn extremely cold beyond your expectations when an unpredictable rain strikes your camping area. Therefore, it is advisable to pack your suitcase with necessary items such as gloves, blankets, hats, and good quality boots to keep yourself prepared to deal with the cold and harsh weather. Doing so will make your trip more comfortable, and you can cope with the changing conditions effectively without getting stuck inside your camp when it rains.

  1. Bring indoor games with you

Bring all your favorite indoor games with you so that in case you witness rain throughout your camping trip then you can still enjoy in your camp by playing games such as cards, chess, and monopoly.

  1. Assign a proper place to each item

When setting your camp, keep the principle of organization in your mind. While allocating your things consider the weather conditions and then assign your camping tools their proper position. Organization of camping stuff depends on the space available. Some items should be placed outside the tent such as your flip flops whereas some necessary things should always be within your reach such as a raincoat and a torch. The eatables should be covered properly and stored in air tight jars.

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