How To Build A Fish Trap

How To Build A Fish Trap

Here is another great How-To. This time from Ben at OutdoorsTime.com on How to Build a Fish Trap In A Survival Scenario.

How to Build a Fish Trap to Provide Food in a Survival Scenario

Building a Fish TrapIt’s a pretty crazy world we live in these days to say the least. Although you don’t like to think about it, the chances are greater than ever that you will find yourself in a survival situation after a massive terrorist attack, a catastrophic natural disaster or the next world war. Most amateur survivalists have plans to hunt and gather the precious food they need to survive if they find themselves in a SHTF scenario. This is great but one of the surest ways to provide for you and the others in your group is by fishing.

Why should you be able to catch fish in a survival scenario? It’s because fish can usually be found in abundance no matter where you end up after a SHTF event forces you to relocate. Oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds and streams can usually provide you with protein rich fish to eat if you know how to catch them.

Chances are you will not have time to pack your favorite fishing reel and rod in the event a disaster takes place and you need to leave your home in a hurry. That is why a small amount of fishing line and some hooks should be an essential part of any survival pack that you have assembled for yourself.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have fishing line and hooks with you because fishing traps are easy to make from what nature provides or from the garbage that you will most likely find somewhere near you. We will show you how to build one type of fishing trap that is made using everyday plastic bottles.

How to Make a Bottle Trap to Catch Fish

You can make this same bottle fishing trap out of many different sizes of bottle. We will tell you how to catch bigger fish in a trap that is made out of a 2 liter plastic bottle.

Here are the tools and materials you will need to get this done:

Making a Bottle Trap

  • 2 liter plastic bottles.
  • 3 Large jug size plastic bottles.
  • 1 Pocket knife.
  • 1 Small amount of string.

Here are the steps required to assemble the plastic bottle fish trap:

STEP 1: Start by laying the 2 liter bottles on a flat sturdy surface. Take your knife and cut the tapered top of the bottles off where it meets the fat part of the body of the bottle. This should leave you with the long thick body of the bottles as one piece and the two tapered triangular shaped tops as the other pieces.

STEP 2: Now take your large jug sized plastic bottle and remove its cap. Cut a hole in the cap so that one of the 2 liter bottle top ends will fit inside the hole you just cut in the cap.

STEP 3: Screw the jug bottle cap back onto the jug so that the 2 liter bottle tops fat part is pointing away from the jug. Next cut out a hole in the bottom of the jug that is just big enough to fit the other two liter bottle top in it. Insert the other two liter bottle top into the hole so its fat end is pointing away from the jug.

STEP 4: The next thing you have to do is cut the tops off of the other two jug sized water bottles. Again cut the tops off where their taper stops and the fat long part of the jug body begins.

STEP 5: Now it’s time to cut a hole in one side of the jug with the two liter bottle parts attached to it. Measure this whole size using the cap opening of the large jug sized bottle top that you just cut off. Make this hole very precise.

STEP 6: Take one large jug size bottle top and screw the bottle cap end into the new hole you just cut in (make sure the cap is off). Cut a hole in the opposite side of the jug size bottle and do the same thing with the other jug size bottle top that you cut off.

STEP 7: If there are carrying handles on the bottle tops still you can attach a wire or string to them to help you carry the finished trap.

STEP 8: bait the trap and set it in a good spot where you think there will be fish.

You now will have an excellent working homemade fishing trap. It should take you less than 10 minutes to build this fish trap.

You can see more detail about how this handy plastic bottle fish trap is built in this instructional YouTube video

Keep in mind that you can make different size fish traps out of different size bottles. That way you can catch and trap all different sizes of fish. The little fish may not be as delicious as the bigger ones but they will keep you alive in a pinch and are found in much more abundance. So survive and don’t be so picky.

Be Prepared To Survive Off Of Fishing

In a true disaster scenario no one person knows exactly how that scenario will play out. That is why it is best to be informed about several different ways to provide food for yourself in a disaster scenario. Knowing how to catch fish is definitely a big part of any such plan.

If you know how to make a fish trap you should be able to survive in many different types of locations that are near water. So make it a point to commit to memory what you have learned here in this article and to also learn how to build another simple but effective types of fish traps too.

Thanks again Ben! Great job!

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