Book Review – The Prepper Pages by Dr. Ryan Chamberlin

Book Review – The Prepper Pages by Dr. Ryan Chamberlin

The Prepper Pages

One of the items that I recommend to new preppers, is a solid reference library. There are some books that I add to my library that are for future state reference and some I pour over prior to placing it on the shelf to ensure I am very familiar with its contents. Only after that point, I will place it on the shelf in order that I may reference it or guide someone else to the proper book and section within that book.

The Prepper Pages* is one of those that I have reviewed thoroughly prior to placing it in its place in the reference library. Well, that’s not entirely true. It still hasn’t made it to the shelf because I keep going back to it and discussing it with our team medic.

One of the main benefits of this book is Dr. Chamberlin walks you through the processes of scavenging for medical supplies should the world go to crap. The book is well written with full explanations on what is needed or desired for medical kits even after all the stores have been ransacked. Additionally, the sidebars were what I seemed to like most. From the good surgeon’s point of view, he instructs you what to do each step of the way such as what to look for in a house that will “make do” should you not have a true medical kit.

It is fairly common for Preppers to either buy a whole kit or leave that as a last item to “eventually build one”. Dr. Chamberlin has made the process easy by also walking the reader through how to build a decent medical kit at a low price point. He also takes you through how to use the items, not just to purchase them.

Throughout the book, there are good diagrams and step by step instructions on how to perform a medical procedure such as sutures. Keep in mind, the illustrations and directions are designed to get the injured person to the properly trained medical staff and is not to take the place of such practices. That being said, one thing that sets this second edition apart from its predecessor and other medical handbooks, is the pictures that accompany the book.

The good doctor and his colleagues have posted a copy of every picture from the book on their website so you can save it, make it bigger or just plan look at it. This helps when the picture is a little fuzzy or if you are like me, the eyesight is a little poor.

I am very thankful that Dr. Chamberlin reached out to me to review his book. I have since also downloaded the book to my Kindle reader in order to access the pages faster. This does not mean I am getting rid of my paperback, quite the opposite. I will use them in conjunction with each other and continue to read through it regardless of where I am.

Just the facts:

  • Kindle: $6.99 – Free at time of posting for Kindle Unlimited
  • Paperback: $15.26
  • 250 pages

*The Prepper Pages: A Surgeon’s Guide To Scavenging Items For A Medical Kit And Putting Them To Use While Bugging Out (Volume 1) is a great resource and valuable asset for your preparedness library, shelf, or pile of books. Yes, that is the full name of the book and Book 1 in the series of three, or technically four as the last one is  Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Purchase and enjoy it.

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