Your Brain Needs To Be Changed When Going Outdoors

Your Brain Needs To Be Changed When Going Outdoors

Your Brain

The way your brain thinks on a daily basis brings you comfort. We look around us and ensure that we have what we need and what we want. It could be a cup of coffee, your favorite book, or your favorite pair of pants. But what if…


You are walking in the woods, heading towards your favorite spot with a magnificent view. You just have to show your friend. It’s a nice warm day with a cool breeze blowing through the trees. To convince them to go on the hike, you told them you would drive them, pack the food, and even carry the pack. 

It is when you mentioned some of the narrow trails along the mountainside that they almost backed out. Because you have an adventurous attitude, you finally convince them not to worry and you “got this”.

No work. No stress. No chores. Just nature in all its beauty. You’re excited to go to your spot even if your friend wasn’t with you.

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