What You Need For A Secure Storage Room

Another Guest Post today. This one from the folks at Delivering Customers on a Secure Storage Room. Hope you enjoy.

What Should Your Secure Storage Room Contain?

The Secure Storage Room: What you Need

When disaster strikes, many people will be left unprepared.  Don’t let that be you.  Every good prepper has supplies to support his or her family when necessary.  It makes a lot of sense to keep the bulk of these supplies in one organized, safe, room in your house or on your property.  From weapon storage to water supply, here is what you need to have in your disaster survival room.

First, before we get into what you will need to store in the room, with all the important stuff in the room you will also want to think about getting some help from a locksmith to outfit the door with good security measures to be absolutely certain your survival is secure.

Food and Water

The meat and bones so to speak of your survival centers around eating, so canned goods and items with a long shelf life are good items to stock in your room.  It is recommended to have at least one weeks’ worth of food and water in case no one can get to you.


If disaster strikes, chances are all those nice laws that protect us right now are going out the window pretty fast.  And whenWeapon Lockers supermarkets are out of stock people will start looking elsewhere.  Elsewhere could mean your home.  Self-defense is a key component of prepping so keeping at least basic tools on standby is recommended.  Make sure to properly store your firearms and weapons for your purposes with secure lockers so your kids or other unauthorized persons don’t have access to them.

Medical Supplies

Even with the best preparation and fastest reflexes someone in your family is likely to get hurt in a disaster.  So having an extensive first aid kit and knowing how to use it, is one key component to survival when things go wrong.

Long Term Sustenance

If the disaster lasts longer than a week you will have been very glad to have stored these items in your storage room.  Seeds for growing food, water collection devices and off grid energy sources are all long-term items you need to look into.


It is important have a way to communicate with the outside world in times of disaster.  Finding out what is happening can help you plan how to keep your family alive and when help is arriving.

There are probably many other items you can think of to add to your secure storage room, but probably the most important thing is to be organized so that you are sure you have everything you need, and that it can all fit in a relatively small space.

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