QuickPress Rant – BE CONSIDERATE

motorcadeLet’s play a hypothetical game:

Let’s say you were perceived as one of the most powerful people in the Free World and you had your own plane. You decided to speak at a function in a high trafficked city where several million people live.

Now let’s say that you were also supposed to attend a Fundraiser for your cause/group that you are a member of and people were going to donate upwards of $20,000 to your cause.
You are perceived as a very powerful person and you can go to the airport in your plane and arrive home at anytime after the fundraiser. HOWEVER, instead of doing so, you decide that during prime traffic time, you want to go the airport and go home and also not attend the fundraiser.

What does this mean for the city full of millions of people who are trying to like you and are partially on your side? GRIDLOCK! For more than an hour traffic was backed up and stopped by “traffic troopers” in Atlanta today because our Vice President wanted to “move” during traffic time. Understand this was an hour MORE than what normal traffic is during that period of time.

I am aware that we were told it was going to happen. I am aware we were warned more than once, but suffice it to say that it was very inconsiderate to the people that just became American Citizens and wanted to go home to celebrate and share with their family. Or the millions of others that just wanted to go home because they had been working all day to pay for, um, a new unplanned budgeted thing to ensure their family could be taken care of if an emergency arose. <I think that was vague enough>

Come on folks. Don’t be like that. Remember your neighbors and be considerate. I am not just talking to government officials. I am talking to every U.S. Citizen AND every immigrant that lives in the States. Don’t be a dork but be a useful member of society.

Until then,