Adding A Pillow To Your Adventure

We have another great post from Ashley at Hikers on Run to share with you. I know I add a pillow to my pack, which adds to a good night sleep.

The One Little Item That Affects Your Entire Adventure

You can ask a dozen travelers, hikers, and mountain climbers to select one item from their “comfort” list that they would never leave behind and you will soon find that a high-quality travel pillow hits the top 10 every time.

Your travel pillow is part of your on-board gear if traveling by plane to the adventure location. There are a lot of options. They have roll up pillows, inflatable pillow, pillows that support the shoulders, neck, and head, and pillows that wrap around the neck for warmth.

By choosing a travel pillow that is on the list for “Best Travel Pillows For Long Haul Flights in 2017” (Top 10 reviews), you know that the pillow is great for a long flight and a perfect addition to your going light hiking equipment.

Travel Pillow for rest

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Why is this important?

On a long flight, it is difficult to rest. Depending upon where your seat is, you are crowded, bumped, and pushed around. By the time you arrive at your destination, you are weary, achy, and probably have bloodshot eyes, and you still have to get your luggage and transportation.

It is critical that you are well rested with a clear mind when you begin any trek. This is not a suggestion. It is required for your safety. When you are hiking in the wild, you must be able to see when creatures are around you. You must be able to sense if something is amiss. Did it suddenly get very quiet? Do you smell something that is a little different? All creatures have an ability to tune in to the environment.

In the wild, the creature that is weak, tired, sick, and afraid becomes the prey. Suddenly, your physical state becomes very important.

Travel pillow for comfort

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The pillow has more to offer

When we are hiking, it is all about going light. The primary goal is to get to where we are going with as little weight oh our person as possible. This is the reason serious hikers always want an item (any item) to serve more than one purpose. The same goes for our great find on a travel pillow. Let us look at a few ways we can utilize the pillow to make it more valuable to you.

  • Strained and tight shoulders
    • It is not uncommon for a hiker to feel a bit of a strain on the shoulders after a day of trekking through the trails. Wet a cloth (or bandana) and get it warm by the fire. Apply the warm cloth to your shoulder and place the inflated pillow over the cloth to keep it in place. The pillow is over the shoulder in a “n” shape. You can repeat this on several areas such as the lower neck, thighs, arms, ,and even the forehead for a headache.
    • You can use a cold cloth instead of hot if desired


  • Footrest
    • After walking all day, who could reduce a long rest with your feet propped up? It relieves tired leg muscles and relieves tension in the legs.

Travel Pillow as extra arms

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  • Extra arms
    • Maybe you need an extra pair of arms to hold pot while you are making coffee or maybe you are gathering water, Whatever you are doing sometimes a set of arms come in real handy.

Traveling light by any mode of transportation, is a goal worth working toward, The traveling pillow is a great addition to your gear, Check it out for yourself.

Great stuff and thanks again Ashley.

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