Navy Yard disaster

navy-yard-shootingMy thoughts and prayers go out to those in and around the Navy Yard along with their families and friends. It is a sad day, that yet another one of our military bases are attacked on U.S. soil just like Fort Hood. I know the story is still unfolding and I don’t pretend to know any more than what has currently been released.

I think it was wise for the POTUS to address this at the beginning of his Economic Update speech especially since it is unfolding in his backyard.

Whether it was only the one, or possibly two or three shooters is still to be determined. What I do hope is that this does not become an issue on gun control. I know with the speech just given you could hear the disdain for the weapon even though the types of weapons have not been determined and it was even mentioned by the MPD Chief that one person had a handgun.

I have said it before but it bears repeating, Reporters and Journalists, please give us the facts and do not try to influence us with your own opinions but instead let us, the public, draw our conclusions. We are, after all, adults and can usually think rationally on our own.

Again, prayers and thoughts to those affected by this tragedy.

Until then,
Use your instincts to survive