National Museum of the Air Force

Love the artwork

Love the artwork

One of the things I like about my job is the ability to play hard after working hard. My recent trip was no exception. This time I was able to spend a couple of hours in the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

While I was informed that two hours would be plenty of time, the person that gave me that information had not been there since all of the expansions. For anyone who wants to just see it all, I would recommend about three to four hours. If you like to read all of the plaques, you need to carve out the entire day in order to do it justice.

Nestled next to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base are three very large hangers that house some of history’s most popular aircraft. I say aircraft because it is not limited to planes but also includes helicopters, flying machines, rockets, guided bombs and spacecraft. While I did not get to see everything due to my limited window of time, I wanted to share the photographs I took. Keep in mind the quality is not as good as I would have liked because of the canned projection lights in an otherwise dark building. Additionally, there are outside exhibits that you can also walk around. I am not sure if you are able to go inside them or not. You could sit inside some of the ones inside the building.

If you get the chance, go visit. The admission is free and there is a lot of walking involved. They do have a large gift shop that is worth browsing through. Also, they do have a cafe upstairs. In my opinion, the food is not as good as a normal restaurant or burger joint, but if you do not want to leave the premises, the cost and taste is not so bad.

Enjoy the pictures and keep in mind, some of the aircraft did not have labels and I just thought they looked good. Click on any of them to see them full size.

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