Laugh at Life – Habanero Video

Recently, there has been a seriousness around the Preparedness and Survival Communities. There have been many issues both governmental and social that have definitely warranted a seriousness as these things should not be taken lightly. As concerned citizens, we should be aware of these issues and agreeably, should be prepared or preparing for them and things like them.

Storms, shootings and civil unrest are among the things we should be preparing for or at minimum, aware of so as not to be caught off guard. I have spoken on many occasions about being aware of your surroundings and acting accordingly.

I have seen people speak out publicly against some happenings and was pleased to watch a viral video by 12 year old CJ Pearson from Augusta, GA (I hope I got his name right) addressing some of the concerns. Watch it if you get the chance.

What I have not noticed is an abundance of laughter within the same communities. I see blessings on Sunday from Survivor Jane and it always makes me smile. I see rants from Jimmy that have a tendency to crack me up as well as make me think. But laughter seems to be far away from our solemn acts.

The saying “Laughter is the best medicine” is not just a saying, but instead something to truly live by. In speaking with my wife the other day she even stated, “People are too serious these days and they need to get their heads up, look around and think about good things as well as the people around them”. Well said my dear.

To set the stage, my family and I watch videos on various channels, including that cause us to, at minimum, chuckle. During one of our normal days, I came across a man who was to eat three ghost chili peppers. I responded that he was insane and my son stated that there was no way it was that hot based on him throwing himself to the floor, crying loudly and screaming. That was in addition to the many glasses of milk and beer which would normally minimize the burn. I went on to explain the Scoville scale of pepper hotness and I even suggested he try eating a whole habanero without drinking or making a fool of himself.

He accepted this “challenge” and that was all I needed to grab one at the grocery store. I wish I could have just grabbed one from the garden but they are not ready to be eaten. Regardless of his face and his actions and even though he did not eat the entire pepper, I feel he handled the challenge like a champ. Regardless, it gave us all a good belly laugh, including him, as you can tell towards the end of the video.

Laugh at life and laugh at yourself. This will keep you sane and increase your livelihood by adding years to your life.

Enjoy the video and until next time,

Use your instincts to survive