An Interview with Casey Deming Creator of the Griffin Pocket Tool

Griffin Pocket Tool

With the close of the Kickstarter Project of The Griffin Pocket approaching quickly, I wanted to see if we could steal a few minutes of time with its creator, Casey Deming. Casey has spent many years in the outdoor retail industry and is the coordinator for the Georgia Bushcraft group on Facebook and in person. He is married to wife Jessica and they are expecting their first child, Emma very soon. They are also the owners and founders of, an online, outdoor enthusiast store, blog and video learning center.

Casey, thank you for spending a few moments with us and I would like to do a few rounds of question and answer.

Q. What exactly is Coyote Mountain Outdoors and it’s overall focus?

A. Coyote Mountain Outdoors is focused on blending the tactical and the outdoors enthusiast. Personally, I do not lean in either direction more and have always wanted to offer the best of both worlds. I am interested in catering to the outdoors enthusiast who loves guns and everyday carry gear.

Q. Where did the name Coyote Mountain Outdoors come from?

A. The name Coyote Mountain Outdoors is not based on any place specifically but was meant to be a mix of both the outdoors and the tactical.

Q. You state, you are “interested in catering to the outdoors enthusiast”, is that through tools, gear, skills or something more? How does Coyote Mountain do that?

A. I feel that today’s outdoor enthusiast is evolving into a new category, one that is more connected to technology but still wants to learn the traditional skills. I want to cater to this new contemporary outdoorsman by offering a blend of new and old. I plan to offer a selection of tools that will do just this.

Q. While there are many outdoor type stores on the internet, what do you feel is the main reason why people should go to over their other options? I guess that is to say, what sets you apart from the rest of the Click and Buy stores?

A. What sets apart one online business from another is first product selection but also how accessible the site is and what information is available. We plan to make shopping with us not only a positive experience, but one that you will learn from. After many years of experience in the outdoor retail industry, I feel that we have the knowledge to share with our customers.

Q. I know you make tactical holsters and magazine carriers out of Kydex, are you planning more along those lines or expanding beyond the Conceal Carry items?

A. Holsters and other Kydex related products are big for us and we are constantly working to create new ways to carry your concealed weapon/accessories. One category that is often overlooked is how the average backpacker/outdoorsman carries their weapon in the woods. We are working on a solution to this problem many of us often have.

Q. You are the creator of the Griffin Pocket Tool, is that one of the tools you think will greatly benefit the outdoor enthusiast? How did you come up with the idea for this great, but small, tool?

A. The Griffin Pocket Tool honestly was created out of a necessity that I felt did not exist at the time. As a person always on the go, I wanted to lighten my load and blend a few of my favorite tools. What’s great about the GPT is that it can fit in with all walks of life including today’s outdoor enthusiast. The Griffin is a great companion for anyone who finds themselves trekking through the woods because of how versatile of a tool it is and the fact that it does not weight much.

Q. You recently expanded the Kickstarter for the Griffin Tool to include Titanium. While we understand Stainless Steel for its durability and ruggedness and Carbon Fiber for its ability to be lightweight, what made you choose Titanium for a third option?

A. Titanium was always a material we wanted to work with but was significantly outside of our budget. Imagine the best features of both stainless steel and carbon fiber and there you have titanium. This material is very strong and light-weight. One feature titanium offers is the ability to be anodized, which is a process that affects the surface of the material. This process helps to increase strength and will allow us the opportunity to offer different colors.

Q. Is there another project in the works at Coyote Mountain? Would you like to give the readers a hint of what it might be?

A. We have many projects in the works but one specifically that is going to change how carry your means to start a fire. We are currently working on the prototype and hope to have our second Kick Starter campaign early this summer.

Again, I thank Casey for taking time out of his busy schedule. I urge you to go and back the Kickstarter project and help them reach their goal of making a Titanium Griffin Pocket Tool. This is an exciting time to get on board and support both local businesses and being able to say, “I helped make this possible”. I know I have.

After the Kickstarter project has ended and I receive my set of Griffin Pocket Tools, I will also be doing a review on them. This is another Gear Review I really look forward to.

Until then,

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