Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift GuideI was asked to put together some of my favorite product recommendations for my first ever Holiday Gift Guide. Please enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

In no particular order


Griffin Pocket ToolGriffin Pocket Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool comes in three different sizes: Regular, Mini, and XL. This quality tool is a must have for any person and serves as a great stocking stuffer at an inexpensive price. The regular has 11 tools in one and I own several of them in various styles. They can be found at


  • Regular $25 (on sale now for $20)
  • Mini $20 – $40 (prices vary due to style and material)
  • XL $35 – $65 (prices vary due to style and material)

Colter Co BandanasColter Bandanas

These bandanas are multi-functional and 100% cotton. I own the Stargazer and the Know Your Knots.

Regardless if you know all the facts in the world a little backup never hurt anyone, not to mention they are functional as a rag, handkerchief, water filtration, tourniquet, and the list goes on. These are great stocking stuffers for male or female. Check out for gifts you can use.

Cost $14 each or 3 Pack for $36


Hot Ash Stove

Hot Ash StoveThis rocket stove has come in handy many times for me when I do not want to invest the time in starting a large fire or if I am in a temporary location that requires me to move fairly quickly. Fueled by sticks you gather from standing deadfall or off the ground, you will be able to boil water or cook a meal very quickly due to the primary and secondary burn process that is increased by normal air flow. Check out and see what I mean.

Cost: $140



IMG_1100ENO Singlenest Hammock

After starting my adventures with a jungle hammock many years ago and graduating to a handmade net hammock from Mexico, I think I have yet again, set my bar high. The SingleNest was big enough for me to stretch out in whether sitting, laying straight, or laying off-center. I am 6′-0″ and 270lbs, so length and weight capacity is a big factor in my book. At 4’7″w x 9’4″l with a 400lb capacity rating, I was not skeptical of pushing the hammock to the limit. There was plenty of room for me and some of my EDC equipment, including sidearm. (BTW, I know own the Double Deluxe Hammock) Check them out at

Cost: $60 MSRP

Solar PuffSolar Puff LED Light

One of the greatest things about what I do is to review effective “gadgets”. The Solar Puff LED Light from Solight Design is no exception. This is a very effective tool for your kit.

You may be asking, what makes it so effective and I am glad to tell you. Part of it is because of its compact and light design. This light source folds small enough to fit into a #10 envelope (that is a regular mailing envelope). The better news is it comes with a plastic, reusable, zippered envelope so you do not have to go get your own. Get yours here:

Cost: $30 for a single

ALTAI-Tactical-BootAltai Gear Tactical Boots

I have one piece of gear that I use all the time and that is my boots. The wear and tear on the Altai Gear Tactical Boots is almost non-existent. Sure there are a few scuffs on the toes but that is because I use them. Also, because they are lightweight and waterproof, I never have to worry about my feet or legs getting tired or deal with soggy socks, which is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Though they have many styles to choose from, my tactical boots are bombproof. I have logged probably in the neighborhood of 500+ miles in them and they are still holding strong. Check out and grab a pair for you and your loved one.

Cost: $135-$150 depending on style

So there you have it, my top five plus one. One thing I want to stress to you is, I carry these every time I go out. While the stove might be my only swappable piece of gear depending on where I go, it is usually first on my list to take.

Until then,

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