Georgia Bushcraft Weekend Spring 2015

This past weekend was the Georgia Bushcraft Spring 2015 campout. As the time drew closer, I realized I might not be able to go. I had to coach a softball practice on Friday, so I could not go up early. I had to coach a game on Saturday, which meant I could not meet up after practice. Then to top it all off, Tuesday, I ended up with a head cold. This made it look like I would miss both softball and camping.

With my strong immune system and quick recovery, Friday started looking up for at least softball. By end of day on Friday, the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly.

Ah, softball.

Practice came and went. I hurried home and packed for the hopeful event that the game would not go into extra innings.

The next morning, bright and early, I threw my gear in the Jeep along with my daughter’s softball bag. Off to the field we sped, all the time, I was hopeful for at least one night of camping.

While I was deeply invested in the game, it did seem to drag a little. The unfortunate outcome was a rally by the opposing team in the last inning, that put us down by one and the game was called due to time expiration. It was very frustrating for the girls, my assistant coaches, and myself. But we learn.

My thoughts quickly turned to the outdoors, the smell of a campfire and the camaraderie that went with the combination. I kissed my wife and kids and headed to the woods.

I guess the one thing that was great was exactly what I posted in The Campfire. I was able to listen, enjoy and work side by side with some great folks. On these trips, I learn a lot but was able to share knowledge as well.

While I look forward to the next one, my mind still lingers on the smell of the smoke from the fire, the great cooking by Dutch Oven Bill, the laughter that we all shared and some coordinated work time that helped improve the base camp. These outings build relationships along with the knowledge and continue to move me down the path of self-reliance.

Enjoy the short video and if you get a chance checkout the post on The Campfire.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive