Brewing Coffee in the Wild Outdoors

Brewing Coffee in the Wild Outdoors

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to leave your beloved cup of coffee behind! Camping, traveling, backpacking, and hiking can all be enjoyed and with your coffee too. Today’s inventions and simple gadgets help make the perfect brew, so you can enjoy the sunrise and your experience fully caffeinated and ready to wander.

Instant Coffee Packets

There are many different ways to get your cup in the mornings and you don’t need the modern conveniences in a kitchen.  One of the easiest ways is to use instant coffee.  All you have to do is heat your water and add it.  The packets are small, easy to pack, and easy to use. Some don’t care for the taste but don’t worry, there are plenty of other options to try.

The Cowboy Way

Cowboy coffee is also simple to make, and it is bold and strong for those who like it that way. All you need to do is heat up your water in a pot, and then pour however many grounds you desire straight into the hot water. Pour the contents into a mug, and you are good to go. Some drink it with the grounds for the ultra “cowboy way.” This requires things you probably already have packed and produces good, strong coffee.

The Filter Method

Thankfully, coffee filters weigh close to nothing, are relatively flat and super easy to pack, and you can pack a lot of them. You need a filter, some sort of string, a cup and/or pot, and a way to heat the water. Filters are great because you can make a single cup or an entire pot. All you have to do is add more or less of the grounds depending on what you want.  Pour your desired amount of grounds into the filter and tie it shut with the string. Place the filter into the hot water, and in a minute, you’ll have outdoor-brewed coffee.

French Press Way

Many French presses are small and lightweight and can easily be packed. Plus, they deliver some awesome tasting coffee.  For a French press, you only need the press, hot water, and your coffee.  Heat up your water, pour it into the press, and add your grounds.

You can let it brew longer for stronger coffee or less time for a milder brew. Make sure your French press is sturdy enough to handle being packed, and try to avoid ones that have glass in their construction.

One Cup Wonder

Another fun gadget is a one cup filter. They are usually a lightweight material, either mesh or plastic of some sort and are small enough to be packed for outdoor adventures. You will need the filter, a cup, hot water, and your coffee. Place the filter on the top of your cup with the grounds in it and then pour the hot water over them and then you have your cup of coffee ready in less than five minutes.

You don’t need a coffee shop or a fully-equipped kitchen, and you don’t have to go without your beloved coffee, even when exploring the great outdoors on overnight adventures. Enjoy your coffee with some fantastic French bread and really live up your outdoor experience.

There are tons of simple and effective ways to get your morning brew.  Most of these methods only take the time needed to heat your water which can be only a few minutes of your day. Also, a few can be catered to one cup, or you can make a whole pot and use as many grounds as you want for extra bold flavors or less for a milder cup. Either way, you have options when it comes to making your coffee, and where to enjoy it on your outdoor trek.


Bio: Sarah writes for We Dream of Coffee. She believes that coffee should be enjoyed in any way you like, anywhere and any time.