Book Review – The Prepper’s Handbook

Book Review – The Prepper’s Handbook

Preppers HandbookI bought The Prepper’s Handbook shortly after it came out in December 2011 and was very pleased with my purchase. Zion Prepper started with this book and some of it can be found in his latest release of The Prepper’s Survival Guide: An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire. I do believe there are some things in this one that are as valuable and should be in both books.

Regardless, I like the book overall. It was a very light read at 88 pages. I read fairly fast and it took me a little less than an hour. I have since reread it several times, gleaning more information from it with each pass.

Within the pages of this condensed book is a wealth of information about the Theory of Prepping as well as definitions. This is followed by Mr. Foster’s introduction to the Tenets of Prepping but it is discussed with only four of them. The updated tenet is Physical and Mental Well-Being and is something I would have definitely expected to be added over the span of time from this initial book to his latest. It is a valuable and great lesson that time has taught.

The newer release also goes into a bit more detail on each of the tenets. What I like about the way this was done is with The Prepper’s Handbook, the ideas were introduced, whereas in the latest release, it was explained in greater depth and a more advanced manner.

Zion Prepper continues by discussing several other subjects from water to petroleum and from short and long-term food supplies to couponing. Yes, couponing.

I support his stance on this as it has tremendously assisted my family and I to agree on the purchase of certain prepping supplies. We have been able to be prepared faster than it would have taken if we didn’t use coupons. Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) is the theme of the day and he provides resources and explanations around the subject.

The way the author explains things within the pages of his books helps me to learn and keeps me interested. He does not do it in a condescending manner but instead as a teacher. This style in a book format will help many people to understand more about the prepper mentality.

To round out the end of the book, Bryan takes a serious look at “What Do We Do If There Is a SHTF Situation.” I think this was a great way to end the book as it causes the reader to think about what they are doing on a daily basis and what they need to do to prepare should a situation occur.

The Facts:

  • Kindle Price – $4.50
  • Paperback – $7.19 from Amazon
  • Prime members – $0.00
  • 88 pages

I would recommend this book for those interesting in knowing about prepping. I have let my children read it and the knowledge within the pages helped them to understand what we are doing and why.

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