The Best (and Most Useful) Survival Gear in 2017

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The Best (and Most Useful) Survival Gear in 2017

 When it comes to survival gear, you’ll find countless top 10 lists suggesting all sorts of survival tools, but many of them are unnecessary, overly expensive or just plain stupid. When it comes to a real life SHTF situation, there are only so many things that will really save your ass in a jam.

For one thing, there are some items that will serve you well at home (in a close quarter combat scenario) but won’t make a hill o’ beans difference if you’re out in the wilderness.

So while a tactical knife might come in handy when you’re out in the woods, it won’t do you much good if you’re grappling with an intruder in the dark.

It’s imperative that consumers have a well-rounded knowledge of the variety of survival tools out there, whether it’s tools for your car’s glove compartment, gear for the outdoors or home survival tools.

Each of these unique circumstances will be covered on my list as I believe that it’s not quantity that’s vital to survival but diversity. To survive anything that life might throw at you, you should have a contingency plan in place for each and every one of them.

With that in mind, here’s my list of the most essential and useful survival gear.



Nothing could be more important to one’s survival than safe drinking water. If you’re going to be storing water for later use, the Waterbasics Emergency Pump & Filter Kit is a solid option to have on hand.

It’s got a user-friendly, high-volume hand pump and cutting edge filtration technology. No matter what your situation, this one won’t let you down. It also comes with a ten-foot retractable hose, enabling the user to fill containers with water without them having to be close to the main storage container.




After water, fire is the most important tool you can possess in a survival scenario. I can tell you from personal experience how integral fire can be when things go south.

In my case, I was traveling down the Delaware River when my kayak hit a whirlpool and flipped over. Even at the start of the summer season, the water was ice cold and my muscles nearly seized up before I was able to paddle to an island in the middle of the river and drag my kayak to safety.

I lost most of my personal effects to the current, but I was fortunate enough to snatch my waterproof bag out of the water before the river could claim it. Were it not for my DIY survival kit, hypothermia would have doubtlessly set in on that fateful morning.There’s no doubt.

You can get yourself a pre-made kit like Creek’s Guaranteed Fire Kit or you can do like me and build your own. Either way, you’ll want a kit with cotton squares, a Fresnel Lens, one nine-hour candle, LightMyFire Mini, WETFIRE, storm matches, tinder sticks, Punky Wood, a char cloth tin and a match case.

WETFIRE Cubes is what saved my life in the wake of my kayaking debacle. It is capable of igniting even while floating in water.

All of the above are essential survival fire tools to keep with you when camping or exploring the great bodies of water across America and abroad.

Food & Shelter

 Food and Shelter

Freeze-dried food is a good idea, but a true survivalist will always have a backup plan in case someone robs you of your MREs or other freeze-dried edibles. Keeping yourself armed is key.

A man with a hunting rifle and plenty of match-grade ammo is a man who can feed himself and his loved ones. He’s also a man who can hold down the fort, keeping himself sheltered from whatever madness may be spiraling out of control outside.


Other Essentials

Here is a short list of the other top items to consider for a SHTF situation:

  • Gun Safe—If you’re looking to protect you and yours on the home front, a good gun safe will ensure that you and only you can access your weapon(s). This will ensure that you can get the jump on an intruder before he or she can get their grubby hands on your firearms and other valuables.
  • Snare Traps—When food is scarce, a simple trap will keep your belly full. Dakota Line’s Ghost Rider Versatile Snares are great for catching small game without a lot of fuss.
  • Multi-Tool—You never know when you might need a plier or a screw driver. A decent Swiss Army knife will do in most cases.
  • Sleeping Bag—A Goretex Modular Sleeping Bag generates multiple layers of warmth depending on the outdoor temperature.

If you’ve got any or all of the aforementioned items, you should be able to weather whatever storm life throws at you.

Thanks again William,

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive