Using The Internet As A Prep

socialmediaRecently I have been asked to give a seminar on how to use certain internet sites along with some social media training. While I was honored to be asked, I wasn’t sure how to give someone “training” per se. My compromise, a short “compendium” on what’s what in the social media world.


While this is my go to for social media, there are some things you need to understand about it. Although it is great to get a thought, idea, or tip out there, it is limited to 140 characters. Sure there are some applications that can extend this limit, but hey, let us keep it at 140.

TIP: Although the character limit is 140, try not to post more than 120. This allows you 20 more characters to add a hashtag and for someone to retweet it without having to shorten it.

Hashtag? Yes, Twitter, and now Facebook, utilize a hashtag (#) to aid with searching and finding specific items within the social media applications. One of my favorite hashtags is #preppertalk. The group that append this to their tweets usually have a lot of helpful information and where I first started learning from like minded individuals.

Retweet? This function, commonly abbreviated as RT, is used to post someone’s original Tweet, into your timeline. It is not so you get credit for saying it, but so you can share what someone else has stated with your friends and followers.


While I am not a fan of people posting pictures of cats stuck in a tree or playing the piano, Facebook has its merits. One merit is you can post pictures and have more than 140 characters in your status. Although my attention span doesn’t usually make it past 200 characters, some people enjoy this as a way to share videos, status, things they like and places they are visiting so they can “check-in” and let everyone else know where they are.

There is the downside. Facebook provides very public information and it is constantly changing its security model. Be cautious in who you are sharing information with, but that is a warning across all areas of the internet.

Another benefit of Facebook is it is the only way some people communicate. You can have a Facebook account and not have a computer but instead use a smartphone. Facebook will give you an email address and people can message you without having your personal information.


Ah yes, the long, lost cousin of social media. I use Google+ much in the same way that I use Facebook. I can tag it, share photos, videos and other items. It is simply just another means of disseminating information or sharing with your friends.


As a website owner, I wish I could devote my life to posting articles and sharing information 24/7. However, that is not possible because I also have to make a living. Something about a roof over my head, gas in the Jeep, and food in my belly, not to mention preps.

There are a lot of good sites out there and there are some that do not fit my tastes. I think some of the best get referred out by like minded individuals. It is kind of like your buddy saying, “Hey! Go check this out”. Just be cautious as I know you can find all kinds of things out like how to fix a dishwasher (my latest endeavor), how to buy a car, or what makes the best food for long-term storage, but you can also find things that can get you in a world of trouble and possibly label you as a terrorist. Yes, a terrorist, even if it is something benign.

One final note. If you like a post on a website, say so by either sharing it via Twitter or Facebook or posting a comment to the article. It is that easy and for me, it makes it all worth it.

I hope this helps you a little. I am always more than happy to help out should you need to do so or just have a question that needs answering.

Until then,

Use your instincts to survive