8 Things That Will Make You A Better Bow Hunter

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8 Things That Will Make You a Better Bow Hunter

Whether you are an armature or a pro, it is a dream of every archer to come back with a trophy from the hunting field. When the hunting season is approaching, you need to be prepared and get all your hunting tools together and getting ready to have fun when the big day finally comes. Anyway, not everyone is usually pleased when coming back from the hunting activities. Of course, you cannot afford to stay happy when you spend almost the whole season in the name of hunting and have nothing to show for it.

There are a lot of things that might make you not to kill even a single buck when in the field. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that you are still not a good bow hunter. In the field of archery hunting, you might also need to equip yourself with some very powerful and important tools to increase your success chances. Below are some of the things you should try to do in order to become a better bowhunter.

1. Make Sure You Have High-Quality Arrows

High Quality Arrows

Remember when we said you should be having powerful archery equipment? Well, having high-quality arrows will definitely make you a better archer. With high-quality arrows, you can be sure that they are properly designed to have all the features that a good arrow should have.

However, good quality arrows are not enough. Arrows must be able to fly properly hence the need to cut it to a suitable length. This is usually for your draw length and also the type of rest being used. Make sure the arrows also have the correct stiffness since it is also a requirement to make them fly properly.


2. Good Stabilizer

Good Stabilizer


A good stabilizer is one of the things that can make you a better bowhunter or a great archer. They are always needed for the absorption of the hand shock which always leads to an accurate shot. A good stabilizer is actually much important and playing a role key in ensuring that your bow stays stable and steady.

Many bowhunters would always prefer using short stabilizers, because they are more compact and can also be easily maneuvered compared to those used in competitions by archers. This shows that the type of stabilizers you want to use will always depend on what you want to do with your archery rig. Also, remember to follow the regulations from the local authorities and consider how you intend to use your equipment. These will help you to choose the best stabilizer for you to use.


3. Consider Using 3D Targets

3D Targets


Using a 3D target for your bow hunting practices can also put you on your way to becoming a better bow hunter. This sounds like a lot of fun right? Well, as you will be having your fun, this will also help you to focus and improve on your shot placement techniques from different directions.

You can also try placing your target on some moving object like a small cart, and let your friend try to pull it past you while you take your shots at it. This will make your training sessions more realistic thus preparing you for the big day in the woods. When you get more accurate, you will know that you are now becoming in archery.


4. Have a Good Friend with You

Good Friend

Your friend can sometimes also be of great importance when it comes to making yourself a good bow hunter. Having a friend with you comes with a number of advantages. For instance, a friend can be able to tell you what you are doing wrong during your practice sessions hence improving on them and becoming better with time. The competition between the two of you can also push you to the limits and see you become a good bow hunter.

5. Good Quality Rangefinder


Having yourself a high quality rangefinder can really help you a lot. It is always seen as a great asset by archers. These gadgets will enable you to have accurate shots while also improving your abilities to approximate the fly range. Training using a rangefinder is very simple.



  • You can try picking up objects in the field and guess the range at which they were.
  • Then use your range finder to find out their actual range and see how close or how far you were with your guesses.

You can continue doing this until you become more accurate. Take advantage of your newly acquired skills to show your prowess in the field of archery.


6. Use Equipment that is Properly Set up and Tuned.

Setup and Tune

Also in order to increase your chances of success in the field of archery, you need to use finely tuned equipment which is very well set up to suit your hunting needs. Using poorly tuned equipment can greatly reduce your chances of making that kill. It can also lead to a bad performance on the range.

There are many things that you need to check on to make sure that your equipment is properly set up. Choose the best equipment that you will be comfortable for you to work with. This means that all the accessories it comes with should also be able to fit and work well together with the equipment to give you an incredible performance while on the field.


7. Use a Full Containment Rest

Full Containment Rest

It is clearly evident that many professional archers prefer to use the drop away style rest. This is because it provides them with some advantages including an increased arrow speed and a long-range shot accuracy.

Many of those who prefer using the full containment-style rest say that it greatly minimizes the chances of having an error and not too bad for speed and accuracy. Using a full containment rest during your training sessions can really improve your bow hunting abilities and even become a great archer.

8. Try Using a Peep Sight

Peep Sight

When you buy a bow nowadays, you will realize that they usually come with an already installed peep sight. These peep sights are usually a bit small and if you are a bow hunting guru you will know that small peep sights are usually difficult to work with. They usually make it a bit difficult to focus on a target and sometimes the archer might find it difficult to see the target since they only allow less amount of light to reach the archer’s eye.

You will need to get yourself a larger peep. A larger peep will make it easier for you to focus on the target. It also allows a considerable amount of light that is just enough for you to make an accurate shot. Another advantage of a large peep sight is that you will not be straining so much when taking a shot. Instead you will be able to stay calm with your eyes wide open to ensure that you keep your form consistent.

Bottom line

If it was your first time on the field and you came back home with nothing, don’t worry. You can try using some of these techniques during your training sessions and improve your bow hunting abilities. Just dedicate some time aside and keep practicing. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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