7 Most Renowned Hunters of All Time

Another great guest post: This one is from Jenny and sites some of my favorite hunters. Here is her article 7 Most Renowned Hunters of All Time

7 most renowned hunters of all time

Hunting has been associated with the mankind since time and eternity. Our forefathers used to hunt in order to eat and survive and as times changed and survival became relatively easier, we took to hunting as more of a leisurely activity.

History has been a witness to numerous hunters who excelled at the task and these hunters still continue to inspire the new generation hunters. One tip that every hunter has for others is, choosing their weapon with great care. There are many hunting knives for sale in the market and a good hunter always identifies which one is the best and buys that.

If you are a hunter or if you want to start taking hunting seriously and perform good at that, we have got something for you. Here are 12 most renowned hunters of all time that you can look up to.

  • Ernest Hemingway: Yes, one of the greatest writers of all time was big at the hunting game. He grew up in Michigan where he picked up the skill of basic woodsmanship. In his adulthood, he famously hunted in Africa and West America. His experience in Africa has found mention in famous books like The Snows of Kilimanjaro and True at First Light.



  • Jim Corbett: When a hunter has a National Park named after him, you know that s\he has got to be a big name in the game. A colonel in the British Indian army, Corbett was always summoned for killing the man-eater predators. In the span of 32 years (1907-1938), he killed 14 leopards and 19 tigers. A fan of hunting, he, in the later years of his life, became a conservationist and vowed only to kill the man-eating animals.



  • Daniel Boone: Boone was a famously known hunter who helped in settling and exploring the US state Kentucky. He was a hunter professionally and would go and spend months in the jungle’s wilderness. He also preferred going with small groups instead large ones.



  • Teddy Roosevelt: Roosevelt was a passionate hunter who also loved loved nature and wildlife. He is also celebrated as a person who was one of the reason for the establishment of his country’s national park system. Out of his travels, the on to Africa in the year 1909 is the most famous. He went there to collect specimens with his son Kermit and was turned it into one of the largest African safari.



  • Ben Lilly: Lilly’s affair with the wild started when he was a kid, he learned to hunt cougars and bears in Louisiana. He was considered as one of the toughest “man of the mountains” in his times. Lilly had killed hundreds of cougars, grizzlies and black bears in the 1900s when he got a call from the US government saying that they wanted to eradicate the predators.



  • Philip Hope Percival: If a man’s friends call him the “Dean of professional hunters” and is elected the president of a prestigious hunters association (East African Professional Hunters Association) for 34 terms consecutively, you can be certain that he will go down in history’s pages as a legendary hunter. Percival was the one who guided Hemingway on the first safari that he ever embarked on. With an endless number of esteemed clients, Percival was one of the best professional hunter in the history.


  • Ishi: As the last survivor of the Yahi tribe, Ishi was a natural when it came to hunting. He would move through the forest effortlessly and silently and knew how to use his mouth to call in a diversity of game animals. The pope became close friends with him when he took Ishi in as a refugee.



I want to thank Jenny again for her article and getting to know a little more about the hunters of the past, including three of my favorites (Hemingway, Boone, Roosevelt). And to be honest, one of them is my uncle. Do you know which one? Daniel Boone.

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