5 Things You Should Know About Coyote Hunting

GREAT TIMING is key for a lot of things. This time we have a guest post about 5 Things You Should Know About Coyote Hunting from Alina at foremostcoyotehunting.com. Grab a beverage and the dog and sit and read on.

5 Things You Should Know About Coyote Hunting

Coyote Hunting

Coyote hunting is a form of art. Beginners can’t just go out there and expect to hunt coyotes without doing prior research. Coyotes are quite clever and if you aren’t well prepared then you can spend hours in the wild without even a nibble. Lucky for you, we have tips for you that will help you succeed in your hunt.

  1. Pick the right gun for your environment

Many hunters make the mistake of not properly researching hunting grounds before they set out for the hunt. Which means, they don’t pick the right gun to hunt with. When it comes to hunting coyotes, you want to maintain distance and hunt, otherwise the coyote will run away. So a shotgun isn’t the best gun to use as it has limited range. You also want a gun that will kill the coyote in one shot, rifles that use .222 Remington are perfect for hunting coyotes. They are great for longer distance and pack enough power to kill with one shot.

  1. Know where to shoot

It is important that you employ ethical hunting techniques when hunting coyotes. If you trap the coyote first, it is obviously easier to hunt it and kill it with one shot. The last thing you want is to injury the coyote and have it run off. In order to kill it with one shot, there are certain areas you should aim for. The lungs are probably the easiest and that should be your first aim. With the right gun, you can easily get the heart with the lung so a definite one shot kill.

  1. Use calls properly

You should already know the way to lure a coyote is through the process of attracting it with distressed animal calls. A distressed rabbit call works well, you can buy a mouth blown call which will help you imitate the noise of a distressed rabbit. You should blow the call for about 30 seconds and wait for 2-3 minutes then blow again. In the woods, you can try this for about 10 minutes in one area and if you don’t spot a coyote then move on. The process may take some time and you must be patient.

  1. Use the right lure

Along with calls, you can use items to lure coyotes. They have a keen sense of smell so food is a great option and works well in luring them. You can use a dead squirrel or rabbit, if you don’t have access to those then fruits and berries also work well. You must also use scent to help lure coyotes. You can use urine to attract them. You don’t want to overdo it with scent so you need to put it in droplets around the food. 10-11 drops should be fine near the food. You should also consider spreading the drops around the area so the scent is stronger.

  1. Practice

If you are not familiar with how to use a gun, it is important you practice before you set out for a hunt. You should know the gun well enough before you set out. Go to gun ranges and test it out, work on your aim. You don’t have second chances with coyotes so it is important you train and are well-versed with the gun otherwise you will not be able to hunt properly.

These 5 things should get any beginner started to successfully hunt coyotes. Please check local laws to ensure seasons and approved seasonal weaponry.

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