5 Day Vogel State Park Outing

Blood Mountain Wilderness Entrance

Twice a year, the family and I head out to a camping spot chosen at random by one of the other families we tag along with. Keep in mind, it is not really a “smoothing it” trip because we have a gravel pad for the tent that my wife and sometimes children not to mention we drive into the actual camp, but it works for family camping.

This time we visited Vogel State Park near Blairsville, Georgia. Vogel has set up several cabins, 40′ spaces for Recreational Vehicles, 25′ spots for vans and tents and several walk-in sites that are also on gravel pads. Additionally, they have a pioneer site that is a fair hike up the mountainside. All around the park are various hiking trails and range from a walk around the lake to a full on mountain hike.

Each time we plan the trip, I try to go a day or two earlier just to relax and also to reserve the choicest of spots since my job allows a little more flexibility than everyone else’s. This time was no different.

That being said, watch the video, enjoy the nature with me and maybe soon, I will be back to “smoothing it” without a gravel pad. As usual, I still will be hanging in the trees either with or possibly without the tarp to fend off any rain that may come our way.

Until then,

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