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Top 10 Ways to Use a Knife for Survival Situations

Knife UsageOne of the first things a survivalist will reach for is their knife. A knife is versatile, comes in many shapes and sizes, and can be used a weapon or a tool, and is one item you should never enter the woods without. A hand in your hand or your pocket ensures you have a versatile tool and boosts your confidence too. Below we will go over 10 ways to use a knife in a survival scenario.

Hunting and Fishing Tool 

It’s the most obvious, but it needs to be said anyways. One of the biggest reasons you need a knife to survive in the woods is because it’s a great tool for hunting and fishing. You might take down a buck or a bird with your best weapon on the market, but you’re still going to need a knife to finish the job. Whether you’re going to field dress a turkey or stab a fish in the creek, it will help you capture, clean, and prepare the food for consumption.

Use it to Dig 

There’s lots of reasons you may have to dig when you’re in a survival situation. Looking for tubers, digging out a fire pit, disposing of waste, or just marking the area with SOS signals is all easier with a knife. You may be able to use a rock or branch to dig, but a knife makes it faster and easier. You don’t have to worry about dulling the knife either because you can sharpen it with large rocks you find around you.

Building a Shelter 

Knife usage for Building ShelterIt’s easier to build a shelter if you have a knife. Notching branches or cutting limbs to make a shelter can be done quickly with a knife.

As a Stake 

If you need to hang a food bag in a tree or anchor your shelter during a nighttime storm, a good knife can be exactly what you need. You can eventually replace the knife with a different stake, but it comes in handy in tricky situations.

First Aid

Even if you have a first aid kit in your survival gear, you’re eventually going to run out and a knife will become your best option. Use a knife to cut bandages or drain blisters of liquid. It can also be used to remove splinters or other debris from the body.

Starting a Fire 

Starting a fire can be difficult in many situations. One of the easiest ways to get a fire going is with a fire starter and tinder. Use the knife to create better tinder and strike the fire starter with your knife to help it ignite.


A knife isn’t the only tool that comes in handy in survival situations. The handle of a knife is a great hammer in the right situation.

Rope Maker 

When you’re trying to survive in the wilderness, you’re going to need rope. If you’re lucky enough to have some paracord on you, you’re pretty set, but you’ll still need a knife to cut the cord. When you add a knife to your survival gear, you’ll have a great tool to make rope out of resources you find in your surroundings.

Pry Things Apart 

You never know what might become useful to you when you’re trying to survive in the woods. Whether you’re trying to take something apart to build a better shelter or found food that needs to be taken apart to be edible, you’ll be glad to know you can do this with a knife. One technique for prying that makes a knife easy to use is making a hole with the knife and then adding a stick or other hard object to the stick. After the object is installed, you can use the handle of the knife as a hammer and help pry it open.


In a survival situation, you never know what you might run into. If you have a bow, you might be able to defend yourself, but a knife is a much better situation for close encounters.

It’s been said that “a knifeless man is a lifeless man.” Don’t limit your ability to survive any situation you face by keeping a knife on you always. By having a knife available as a survival tool, you’re expanding the ways you can survive any situation and will quickly become more versatile and experienced in your endeavor.


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