Sunjack 14w + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger

SunJack 14w + 8000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger Product Review Some of the latest trends we are seeing today is solar powered gadgets. While this is an old technology, harvesting the sun as a renewable resource is on a steep incline when it comes to personal use. By using today’s science and technology, this is where … Continue reading

The Ultimate Zombie Survival Plan

Today I bring to you a guest post from Marc White. Marc’s main focus is zombies but you can easily apply these suggestions to all forms of preparedness. Please read Marc’s “The Ultimate Zombie Survival Plan” and check him out on the web at: —– All hell has broken loose. Society has crumbled. Your … Continue reading

Your To-Do List If The Zombie Apocalypse Happens

We all have that person. You know the one. The one that says if the Zombie Apocalypse happens they are coming to your house. While I do not advocate this and will not have the debate of your personal preference, there are some people you have to take in like your mother, your children, or … Continue reading

Jute Twine as a Natural Tinder

One of the big debates over jute twine and its properties is whether it is considered a natural tinder or a man-made tinder. After doing some research, the answer to the question is clear. Jute is a natural fiber and the process in which we buy it from the store is man-made. But whether this resource … Continue reading

Paleo Meals To Go Review

  With both work and pleasure, I am on the go almost constantly. Between running to catch a flight, hiking a trail, camping in the mountains, or coaching softball the one thing that suffers the most is my diet. Paleo Meals To Go has answered my prayers. I started following the Primal Blueprint in 2013 … Continue reading

TacLace Review

In today’s environment, it is wise to find things that make your life easier and sometimes even faster. TacLace enables me to do just that. Even though the Minutemen started sometime around 1645 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony as Training Bands for rapid deployment, they were better known to be around the time of the American … Continue reading

Gear Needed for Cold Weather Treks

Essential gear needed for cold weather treks A cold weather trek is a challenging and potentially daunting concept. Yet those individuals who have experienced the pleasures such an adventure has to offer understand why the effort is more than worthwhile. Such individuals also understand the importance of having the right gear. Not only does this … Continue reading

Valley Food Storage – Review

One of the things about preparedness is it is tough to determine what food to store. Recently, this question was simplified when the folks from Valley Food Storage reached out to me to review some of their products. Given the choice of the three shipped, I selected the Irish Pub Style Cheddar and Potato soup first. This … Continue reading

21 Basic Wilderness Survival Skills

Being able to stay safe while involving in outdoor activities is probably the number one priority for every outdoorsmen. The best way to do so is to master some of the Basic Wilderness Survival Skills that you will definitely need them in most situations. Therefore, I would like to share with you an infographic made … Continue reading

That is a Hot Ash Stove – Gear Review

I was able to spend some productive time with the folks from Hot Ash Stove. They are currently on Kickstarter which ends December 1, 2015. What I was able to see and discuss at the meeting was very informative. For starters, this is not an ultralight wood stove. This is a portable Rocket Stove. This … Continue reading

Gear Review – Uberfire – Fire

In the world of survival, the biggest challenges are to focus on the four main categories: Fire, shelter, water, and food. Each category can be a challenge in itself and the order in which each is obtained can be crucial to life and limb. After doing some research, I wanted to ensure I could reduce the risk … Continue reading

Book Review: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Survivor Jane

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is a great question to ask if you are new to preparedness or “prepping”. The question itself causes one to think of the different options, whether manmade or natural, that could possibly affect one’s future. I was honored upon receiving a personal email from Survivor Jane asking me to review … Continue reading

What’s in my kit?

With everyone showing pictures of their pocket dump, present company included, the other day a question arose; “What’s in your kit?”. While it is modeled after the 10C’s by David Canterbury, I adjust it to fit my needs specifically based on outing and time of year. Tarps (Cover) – 10’x12′ Coyote Tan BCUSA Tarp (Left) … Continue reading